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WOOHOO! Guess who's got a week's holiday! Yep! No work for Saf for five glorious days!

So, day one of five days of freedom done! Achieved today:

  • Nice long lie in.
  • Caught up on Supernatural. Am now on par with the American showings. 14 Episodes in just over a day!
  • Ummm... that's it.

Am not sure what I want to do tomorrow. I have to go shopping, if only for shampoo, but what else? Go all the way into town and see a film as well? Or go to Tesco's and do some baking instead? Or get cheap, generic stuff from up the road and spend the day reading Bleach?

Decisions, decisions...

Frankly, this break is perfectly timed. There was a meeting at work today. (My manager told me about it advance since I wasn't in today). They (being the management) are serious thinking about bring the area's operations manager into branch to run an investigation. If they do, and she finds anything, then it could lead to dismissals. I knew it was bad, but this...? Shit. At least I know I should be safe. I know I haven’t done anything intentionally wrong, and I'm hardly behind the counter. At least, I was, until last week. For some unknown reason, my line manager pulled me off co-ordinating, and has put me on the till again, for the first extended period in a long time. No one seems to know why, and my line manager won't tell me. I personally think that someone, possibly the new transfer, has been complaining that I do it all the time (Well, duh, that is my assigned role in the branch), and my line manager is trying to appease everyone, 'cause she knows it's all going wrong. Funny thing is? Out of the three people who have been co-ordinating in my place, one isn't keen on doing it, and one of the other's is assistant counter manager, and shouldn't be doing it anyway. The two I know want to do haven't been given the chance.

Okay, onto more fun things: Supernatural Season 5. EEEEEE!!!! Seriously, I managed to stay unspoiled for almost the whole thing, which is pretty impressive given my record of TV spoilers. This show just keeps getting better and better. What's really interesting? I've just finished (re)reading Good Omens for the gazillioneth time and I was thinking how I wanted to see some more variation in the demons in Supernatural, so that they less Always Evil. And then I watched 'Abandon All Hope'. With a Noble Demon called
Crowley. I laughed out loud at that point. Now, all we need is an angel called Aziraphale to be mentioned. That would be awesome, if not completely fitting with the angels in the show.


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