Apr. 8th, 2010

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Oh gods... I think I'm dead.

Beginning of the month+Bank holiday weekend+End of the the tax year= the bloody busiest two weeks ever at work. Add in the fact I had my brace tightened yesterday, and just had one of the most grueling MA classes yet, and I just...

*collapses into a boneless heap*

I don't want to move for a week.
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My second birthday. I was wearing a cream coloured dress, with a pattern of falling petals in pastel colours on. One of theose little princess dresses, with poofy sleeves and lace on the edges. I remember carrying plates of food from the kitchen to the dining room for my party, and being so proud that I was trusted to carry them by myself.

I have a ridiculously bad memory, so I am quite proud to able remember this.

The next vivid memory I have is from when I was five or six, and I was ill at school. I threw up right next to the teacher's seat (They put sawdust on it for some reason) and then just staring at the work I had to do, unable to write anything I felt so ill. It was a creative writing project, something about A Day In The Life of a Medieval Peasent

Yeah, not so proud of that memory


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