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It's snowing again! And when I say snowing, I mean SNOWING, as in three inches in about two hours. And the forcast? Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow and more snow, for at least the next 24 hours, possible more.

Getting to work tomorrow is going to be fun.

Had a NWD today, and actually did something, rather than sit on the 'puter all day. Took the Christmas decs down, tidied the kitchen, went to Tescos, did some baking, tidied the kitchen AGAIN, did some more baking when the diswasher was clean, then had to do the kitchen again. Next time, I'll plan it better (and make sure I have more baking trays and mixing bowls). I made Lace Cookies, Rice Krispie Cakes and Macaroons. Rice Krispie Cakes and Macaroons went okay, but the lace cookies, which I was making for the first time, went a bit, well, wrong. First they spead more than I was expecting, resulting not in 10 decent sizes cookies, but two the suze of the baking tray. Also, upon tasting, they left a horrible bitter aftertase. My mum thinks I might have added too much Sodium Bicarbonate, but I did exactly as the recipe said, apart from I melted the butter in the microwave, rather than the hob. And, no, I didn't get teaspoons and tablespoons mixed up, thankyouverymuch!

So, 2/3 ain't too bad, if the two weren't something I've made so often I coud do in my sleep, and something a 5 year old can do. *sigh* I'll get hold of this baking from scratch lark on day.


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