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So I've been stood up. By my Dad. Again.

He was ment to call me lunch time on Sunday to arrang going to see a movie. 35 hours later, and I ain't heard a word from him. I don't even have a number to contact him with in the UK, so I can't call him to ask what the hell is going on.

I don't know what I'm more pissed about, that he's let me down again, or that after sixteen years I'm still give him the benefit of the doubt. Normally, he's not so bad, half and hour late or som, but other times...

Gods, I'm fucking eighteen, and I'm still stressing about my Dad not getting in contact with me. Most people my age don't mind if their partents drop out of their life for a bit.

And the funny thing is? I can't get mad at him when he does get in contact with, 'caude I'm so fucking glad that he has and I just feel mean. I know my anger is justified, but I just can't seem to express it to him.

Based on plans made last week, we're supposed to go up to London this weekend to go 'geek-shpping' (Forbidden Planet, comic book stores, Camden Market ect.) Be interesting to see if that happens.

On a different topic, I just spend over £60 on Amazon to cheer myself up, all comic books. I ordered the next two Ultimate X-Men (12 and 13) Marvel 1602, House of M, Age of Apocalypse Book 1 and the first Amazing X-Men (Gifted). Should keep me going for a while.  Also bought the Iron Man novelisation in Waterstones today, to read while at work and on the bus. I love comic books, but the trade paperbacks just don't fit in my bag.

Got my Mum into Ashes to Ashes tonight, with the first episode of Series 2. 'Twas a good episode. She's promised to watch Life on Mars with me when I finally get 'round to ordering the DVDs. Yet another show(s) I've corrupted her with. Speaking on shows, I should really watch Primeval. I'm two weeks behind know. i have to admit, despite only have seen two episodes, I already miss Stephen. The show just isn't the same without Nick/Stephen Hoyay., m


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