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Note to self: Just before going to bed, read short fics, happy fics, ones that give you WAFF and gently ease you into sleep.

Do not read torturous, angsty, plotty thrillers that suck you up and don't let go. Especially if they're over 300k words long.

I have to get up in 5 hours, and I've still got 8 more chapters. *sobs*
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Wow, I sounded like a real brat in my last post.

Okay, the good side of Chrismas! Beautiful necklace from my mum, as well as a new copy of Half Blood Prince (My dad took my first edition copy with him to Australia), a huge travel guide type book, a La Senza giftcard, a load of bath stuff and chocolate and some other odd and ends. From my aunt I got a waterstones giftcard and some new nailpolish (she knows me too well) and from my nan £50 and a new diary.

Had a good Christmas lunch (even though I don't eat turkey or most vegtables), my cousin didn't mock me too much and watched White Chrismas and Happy Feet with whole family. Okay, so I was reading Fables during White Christmas. It might me my mum's favourite, but it's not mine.

Came home, and got started on SGA bigbang and Yuletide.

Actually, only had one duff present this year. My dad? Sent me Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Er, no, Dad. Ignoring the fact my mum already has a copy, somehow I don't think it's going to help us communicate better, given you seem quite happy to ignore my feelings and thoughts and blame this whole mess on me.

Okay, I'm cool, I'm chilled. Going back to Yuletide now. Should keep me busy for the rest of the night.
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I'd forgotten the SGA Big Bang fics had gone live...

I've got to got to work tomorrow, I must not start reading now!
Maybe just the summeries... *First story* Oooh, dragons! *click*
See you in about three hours, bed!


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