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Work was absolutely crap today. Due to certian colleges of mine misusing the computer on the front desk, the managers have taken the screen away, rendering the computer useless. This being the computer that I use to book appointments on. Appointments of which I have targets to hit, targets I now cannot reach. Oh, yes, me and the managers will be having words on Monday.

Then, due to complaints about the queue time in the morning, (For gods' sake, we're open until 1600. If you don't like the the queue first thing, come back where there are no queues! /rant) we opened a little bit early. Then was had two appointments turn up for colleges who weren't in today. Then we had a customer coming in 40 minutes late for an appointment, claiming it was 30 minutes after it was booked in for, then another coming in claiming their appointment was 25 minutes before the diary said. I then spent the rest of the afternoon bored out of my mind.

After work was better, though. Meal out with my mum, then I finally saw Alice in Wonderland, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Has, however, given birth to a new plot bunny, which I really didn't need. I'm already working on over twenty other stories, I really don't need another one.

And I will not call my heroine 'Alice' no matter how much I want to, nor how much it fits.

Oh, and NCIS Season 1 arrived today. Hello, new fandom!
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Today sucked.

It started off so well. I had gotten 7 appointments, including over £350k of savings. then, just after lunch, I developed a sore throat that was/is so bad I was nearly in tears trying to talk to customers. Then, when I balanced my till, I was £200 short., which had to be passed. It was raining when I had to walk to and from the station. As I was walking home, I thought the bus was going to be ages, so I decieded to continue walking, rather than waiting. Said bus passed me less than a minute later. I get home, and what do I do? Put my bloody iPod in the washing machine.

I give up. Something clearly has it in for me today.

This is ignoring the whole mess of my day off being mixed up, which led to having to resceduel my hospital appointment.
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you are lightcyan

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Your saturation level is very low - you have better things to do than jump headfirst into every little project. You make sure your actions are going to really accomplish something before you start because you hate wasting energy making everyone else think you're working.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the html color quiz

Got a lovely surprise this morning at work. I've been reassigned to cove at another branch for the next two weeks, in a town I've never even been to before, starting tomorrow. Oh, and 'cause I don't drive, I'm going to have to catch a train there and back and then walk a gods-awful long way from the station to the branch.

Gee, thanks managers! [/sarcasm]
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I did it again. Went into work on my NWD. I'm such an idiot. Oh well. Spent the day having a rewatch of Bleach season 2, instead of doing what I should do and tidy up. Meh. I just can't be bothered today.

I think I'm getting a crush on Renji, though. He's a fictional, animated character. WTF self?

Other news, I mananaged to break mu USB memory stick. The one I keep all my files on it. Yeah, that was a real bugger. Luckly, the most important files (the ones about my writtings) I had already moved to Helene, but I've lost all my saved fic, my icons and my videos. It's going to take me months to build it back up, if I can find some of them at all. I know, because I had to do it before. When I sent my old laptop into PC world to have the hinges fixed, they also wiped the harddrive. I was so pissed. I had literally thousands of fics saved on there to read offline, and even over a year later, I still hadn't found them all when I broke Persephone.
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Why the frak did I agree to have this brace?
I've just had it tightened, so it hurts. It hurts so much I can't eat, and thus, since I skipped both dinner last night and breakfast this morning, I've had nothing apart from some soup and chocolate since lunch yesterday. I know why I skipped breakfast, due to the hospital appointment, but why did I skip dinner last night? WHY!?!?

So, am in pain and starving, and I can't take pain killers because I have an empty stomach, but I can't solve that due to the pain. I think this what they call a Catch-22 situation.

*curls up in ball of wretched misery*
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Fun night last night.

There I am, watching the new Star Trek on DVD before going to bed. I'd just gotten to the final battle, where the Enterprise has its Big Damn Gunship moment, when the phone rings.

Phone calls at 2330? Never a good thing.

My aunt and youngest cousin were involved in a car accident last night, where a minibus ran a red light and smashed into the driver's side of their car. My cousin was fine, apart from shock, but we were quite concerned about my aunt, as she had pain in her neck and spine, and had to have X-Rays and CT scans. So, me and my mum rushed over to the A&E, where we spent the next two and half hours waiting for news. If wasn't for the fact that both me and my mum had work today, we would have stayed even later. Luckly, it seems that my aunt wasn't badly injured and was discharged a few hours after we left. Still, not a plesent way to spend the night.

Work was, to be frank, shit today. Well, at least the morning was. the PBs were all fully booked, and it seemed that all complaints decieded to come in a once, as well as an appointment that was believed to be cancelled, and another one had taken it's place. Thank god we has someone over from another branch doing training and who was willing to help out. Of course, being tired and irratible didn;t help, and the fact that my lunch kept being pushed back didn't help. First it was eleven, my normal tine, then it was 1130, then it was 1230, but of course by this time we were running late, and I didn't go until 1240. This might not seem like late, but when it's 1 hour 40 mins after you've been going for most of the past year, you tend to get a bit hungry. Also remembered why I havn't had melted chedder since having my brace fitted. Yeah, it got stuck everywhere.

Got home, to discover, that the entire family had congrigated and my aunt's for take out, barring me because I lost my phone charger and didn't get the message. Still had take out, though. Left enough for tomorrow was well.

Then got a phone call from my dad, more to confirm that I would be free tomorrow night for a long phone call. The one thing he did tell me? Jester, his dog, one of the few dogs I've ever felt truly comfortable with? Died in a car accient.

Someone up there clearly hates me.

I'm just gonna read some (more) Avatar fic before going to bed. Finally finished ther series on Sunday. Now I feel no guilt in reading spoiler fanfic. (Which I've been doing sine I was at aroung mid-season 1, so yeah...)


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