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Well, my managers dropped a bombshell on me today.

As of 21st of June, I'm being transfered to another branch. Permantly. Okay, technically this is a good thing. It's a slightly smaller branch, closer to home with reduced opening times and it doesn't open Saturdays (Although I will probably still have to work some at my old branch to cover my six-weekly hospital appointments. It also means that I am actually doing my job well, as they explained that they don't transfer out the 'probem' employees, but the ones they know can do their jobs. Also, I'm not the only one being transfered, it seems the whole area is being shaken up, and I think at least two others from my branch are being transfered (We're not allowed to talk about it yet, not until everyone knows).

My manager even said that I should look into 'furthering my career' and being thinking about applying for a promotion, which is apparently easier at a smaller branch.

On the other hand... I like the branch I'm in. I've been there for 21 months, I really like the team I work with and I like the location (It's in what could be classed as my local 'large' town centre, with decent shops and cafes, as well as all the local enertainment [which means the cinema, bowling alley and the pubs]). Not to mention it is a bit of a shock. I litterally had no idea this was going to happen. My line manager just said that they wanted to talk to me. My intional responce was: OhgodwhathaveIdonewrong? Not what I was expecting at all.

In other news, my father transfered some of the money he owes me,but has yet to respond to my (polite, if a bit cold) email about it, that I sent over a week ago. It would nnot surprise me if he is purposly not responding to give m a tase of my own medicine. Git.

I could do with the money as well. I've taken a loan of £1800 from my mum to pay for the ful black belt course at my MA class. Only started it a few weeks ago, and I'm back to being the newbie again, and I can tell you, it is a little bit scary. You trying sparing with guys taller and stronger than you, not to mention better trained, without your glasses when you are practically blind without them. Yeah, not fun. Still, I am actually getting hits in on them and scoring points, though I suspect they might be going a bit easy on me, given I'm still a white belt.

I also have a new fandom (yes, another one). Axis Powers Hetalia. I'm starting remeber why I love history so much, while at the same time reading some of the best crack!fic I've ever read. Am starting to wish I had found it earlier, however. 16th century politics seems much more interesting when viewed through Hetalia. Who knows, maybe I would have gotten a better grade in my A-Level. Or maybe I would have spent the lessons snickering to myself. The later is more likely, methinks. Also, I'm starting to get interested in the World Cup, which is really worrying as I HATE football..

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Just had my first Martial Arts graduation. I am now officially a white belt! Not bad after just two months.

First step of many, first of many *rubs hands in glee*

I think I might treat myself. Maybe that illustrated copy of Lord of the Rings I've been drooling over...

Hmmmm... It's £40 used, £50 new. Maybe when I get paid.
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Oh gods... I think I'm dead.

Beginning of the month+Bank holiday weekend+End of the the tax year= the bloody busiest two weeks ever at work. Add in the fact I had my brace tightened yesterday, and just had one of the most grueling MA classes yet, and I just...

*collapses into a boneless heap*

I don't want to move for a week.
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So my Mum was nagging me about about my lack of social life, and the fact that I spend too much time on the computer. (Which is true. Harsh, but true). So what do I do?

Sign up for my local martial arts school.

I had my induction today. It was awesome! It teaches a blend of different styles, will be two half hour lessons a week after work and is going to cost me £339 for six months, including uniform and equipment.

I start properly on Wednesday.



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