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Well, my managers dropped a bombshell on me today.

As of 21st of June, I'm being transfered to another branch. Permantly. Okay, technically this is a good thing. It's a slightly smaller branch, closer to home with reduced opening times and it doesn't open Saturdays (Although I will probably still have to work some at my old branch to cover my six-weekly hospital appointments. It also means that I am actually doing my job well, as they explained that they don't transfer out the 'probem' employees, but the ones they know can do their jobs. Also, I'm not the only one being transfered, it seems the whole area is being shaken up, and I think at least two others from my branch are being transfered (We're not allowed to talk about it yet, not until everyone knows).

My manager even said that I should look into 'furthering my career' and being thinking about applying for a promotion, which is apparently easier at a smaller branch.

On the other hand... I like the branch I'm in. I've been there for 21 months, I really like the team I work with and I like the location (It's in what could be classed as my local 'large' town centre, with decent shops and cafes, as well as all the local enertainment [which means the cinema, bowling alley and the pubs]). Not to mention it is a bit of a shock. I litterally had no idea this was going to happen. My line manager just said that they wanted to talk to me. My intional responce was: OhgodwhathaveIdonewrong? Not what I was expecting at all.

In other news, my father transfered some of the money he owes me,but has yet to respond to my (polite, if a bit cold) email about it, that I sent over a week ago. It would nnot surprise me if he is purposly not responding to give m a tase of my own medicine. Git.

I could do with the money as well. I've taken a loan of £1800 from my mum to pay for the ful black belt course at my MA class. Only started it a few weeks ago, and I'm back to being the newbie again, and I can tell you, it is a little bit scary. You trying sparing with guys taller and stronger than you, not to mention better trained, without your glasses when you are practically blind without them. Yeah, not fun. Still, I am actually getting hits in on them and scoring points, though I suspect they might be going a bit easy on me, given I'm still a white belt.

I also have a new fandom (yes, another one). Axis Powers Hetalia. I'm starting remeber why I love history so much, while at the same time reading some of the best crack!fic I've ever read. Am starting to wish I had found it earlier, however. 16th century politics seems much more interesting when viewed through Hetalia. Who knows, maybe I would have gotten a better grade in my A-Level. Or maybe I would have spent the lessons snickering to myself. The later is more likely, methinks. Also, I'm starting to get interested in the World Cup, which is really worrying as I HATE football..

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Wow, I sounded like a real brat in my last post.

Okay, the good side of Chrismas! Beautiful necklace from my mum, as well as a new copy of Half Blood Prince (My dad took my first edition copy with him to Australia), a huge travel guide type book, a La Senza giftcard, a load of bath stuff and chocolate and some other odd and ends. From my aunt I got a waterstones giftcard and some new nailpolish (she knows me too well) and from my nan £50 and a new diary.

Had a good Christmas lunch (even though I don't eat turkey or most vegtables), my cousin didn't mock me too much and watched White Chrismas and Happy Feet with whole family. Okay, so I was reading Fables during White Christmas. It might me my mum's favourite, but it's not mine.

Came home, and got started on SGA bigbang and Yuletide.

Actually, only had one duff present this year. My dad? Sent me Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Er, no, Dad. Ignoring the fact my mum already has a copy, somehow I don't think it's going to help us communicate better, given you seem quite happy to ignore my feelings and thoughts and blame this whole mess on me.

Okay, I'm cool, I'm chilled. Going back to Yuletide now. Should keep me busy for the rest of the night.
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I discovered two things today:

1) I act like a five year old when it's snows. Seriouly, I had this huge grin on my face the entire time it was snowing, and I wanted so much to run out and play in it. Pity I was at work at the time. Speaking of work...

2)I pretty much know all the lyrics to Bohiemen Rhapsody off by heart, without prompt. Given my terrible memory, that's pretty damn good. Yes, I was THAT bored today that I sat there and wrote them all out. No one wants to see a personal banker for anything good around this time of year and sitting right by the door, I was bloody freezing. Stupid heating not working propery. Stupid managers, stealing my little heater.

No reply from my Dad yet. I never actually thought he'd take me seriously when I said don't contact me again. No money yet, either.
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I gave my father one last chance to have a relationship with me. after he was exceptionally rude and insulting to me, not to mention lieing to me, I sent him an email telling him how I feel and and ended it with 'Frankly, Dad, if that is the way you are going to treat me, then I’m not sure I want a relationship with you. I will always love you, but right at this moment I’m not sure you are the man I always thought you were.'

He sends this back:

Wow, some spine at last, you still have not told me what you plan to do with your money?

I dare because I’m your Dad, I think you say tomato and I say tomayto, read the emails again in a day or so when you have calmed down.

Now go tidy your room.


He thinks I'm joking. He thinks I'm fucking JOKING?!

My reply?

Did you actually read my email? I am not joking about this. And it is really none of your business what I plan to do with the money, Just, please, have it transfered to me as soon as possible.

Nevermind, you clearly don't care about what I think or feel. If this is going to be your attitude, please don't contact me again, unless it is to do with the money that is owed to me.

I think I just disowned my father. God, I really, really, don't know how I feel about this. One the one hand, he bloody well deserves it, after the shit he has put me through all my life, and especially the past two weeks. On the other hand, he's my Dad.

I don't know what to think.

I'm gonna go read something now, take my mind off of it.
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I have got to stop watching films about WWII. Seriously, every time, I cry buckets!

Just watched Grave of the Fireflies, and am still sniffling 40 minuets later. Anyone who thinks that animation is just for kids? Er, no. At least not the films I've been watching recently. (I've discovered anime. Be afraid, bank account, be very afraid. I've seen Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and now Grave of the Fireflies, with Ghost in the Shell ready to watch)

Situation with my dad? I am literally one email away from never speaking to the lying SOB again. Seriously, I'm just trying to figure out how to word it. I'll do a full post on it later.

Yeah, I'm going back to snivelling in my corner now.
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So this whole palaver with my Dad has started up again.

Cut for length and language... )

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So. Dad didn't call. Again.

Sometimes I don't know why I bother.


Nevermind, think about next week. Am going shopping in London on tuesday. First time going up to London completely on my own, so should be interesting. Not difficult hopefully, as for about the past five years, I've been to one leading and navigating all the trips I've taken up there, so... (Mother and friends can't read maps to save their lives.) No, seriously, when I went to Paris earlier this year? I did all the route planning, and when me and my friend got spit up, I got back to hotel room in less than an hour, while she took three hours, travelling all over the city. It was kinda stupid really. We were getting the metro to this club we read about, and I got off at the right station, and she didn't. Trouble was, that was one of the last metro trains. Not the stupidest thing that happened on the trip, however. I have learned never go to a club with just one other friend, especially when you don't drink anything, and she gets completely hammered. I wanted to go home, she didn't, I ended up screaming at her in the loos while she just stood there and giggled, then I stormed off back to the hotel, leaving her there. Yeah, not my most stella moment.
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So, my Dad finally made contact with me. Only a week later that he was supposed to.

Okay, okay, so he had some stuff going on (Grandad in hospital and some rather messy legal business at work) but still! A week to call me! He didn't even have the guts to call me first. He called Mum yesterday and didn't even ask to speak to me. Way to go, Dad! And he's going back to Oz tomorrow. He's back in three weeks, but that doesn't negate the fact I've seen for less that an hour this time.

Okay, I'm chilled, I'm cool.

Work has been so slow this week. With all the good weather, no one's been cming in to the bank. Doesn't help I'm on the midget till as well. Small, cramped, hard to see the queue and I have to take Business and Premier customers as priority. That means I get the snooty ones and the ones that'll give me no leads. I onnly managed three future and one sweep last week. Since I'm ment to do ten a week minimum, that's not good. Still, that sweep got over 7000 points of value, so they can't really complain (a single seller's target per week in 6000) plus I got loads of appoinments in the past couple of weeks (combinding me co-ordinating plus ISA season equals lots of appointments).

Comics arrived earlier this week. Read all of them barring AoA in about two days (working my way through is now). Liked House of M and Astonishing X-Men (will definatly be getting vol. 2 next time), LOVED Marvel 1602, but I already thought I would before I bought it. Combind Neil Gaimen with 17th century versions of 60's Marvel heroes? Sounds about as near damn perfect for me as it gets.

Am still way behind on Primeval. Got three episodes to watch now. On the plus side, am now up to date with Supernatural. Can't wait until next weeks episode!

Also, X-Men Origins: Wolverine out this week. I've got Thursday off, so I'm gonna go and see it then. By myself, unfortuatly. but with Dad in Oz, I've got no one to go see my geeky films with. On that note, I didn't even know they were making a film of Angels and Demons 'till I saw an ad for it. Trying to convince my Mum to see it with me. I'm not all that keen on going to the cinema on my own.

Back to fanfic now. I only have about half an hour before I need to go to sleep. (Yes, I sleep late. I'm still a teenager, even if for only a year and a bit, I'm allowed)
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So I've been stood up. By my Dad. Again.

He was ment to call me lunch time on Sunday to arrang going to see a movie. 35 hours later, and I ain't heard a word from him. I don't even have a number to contact him with in the UK, so I can't call him to ask what the hell is going on.

I don't know what I'm more pissed about, that he's let me down again, or that after sixteen years I'm still give him the benefit of the doubt. Normally, he's not so bad, half and hour late or som, but other times...

Gods, I'm fucking eighteen, and I'm still stressing about my Dad not getting in contact with me. Most people my age don't mind if their partents drop out of their life for a bit.

And the funny thing is? I can't get mad at him when he does get in contact with, 'caude I'm so fucking glad that he has and I just feel mean. I know my anger is justified, but I just can't seem to express it to him.

Based on plans made last week, we're supposed to go up to London this weekend to go 'geek-shpping' (Forbidden Planet, comic book stores, Camden Market ect.) Be interesting to see if that happens.

On a different topic, I just spend over £60 on Amazon to cheer myself up, all comic books. I ordered the next two Ultimate X-Men (12 and 13) Marvel 1602, House of M, Age of Apocalypse Book 1 and the first Amazing X-Men (Gifted). Should keep me going for a while.  Also bought the Iron Man novelisation in Waterstones today, to read while at work and on the bus. I love comic books, but the trade paperbacks just don't fit in my bag.

Got my Mum into Ashes to Ashes tonight, with the first episode of Series 2. 'Twas a good episode. She's promised to watch Life on Mars with me when I finally get 'round to ordering the DVDs. Yet another show(s) I've corrupted her with. Speaking on shows, I should really watch Primeval. I'm two weeks behind know. i have to admit, despite only have seen two episodes, I already miss Stephen. The show just isn't the same without Nick/Stephen Hoyay., m


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