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Still snowing! Up to something like 7-8 inches now. Roads undrivable, buses not running, normal life refusing to drive. This can mean only one thing.


Yep, I've had the day off work, and it looks like that I won't be able to get in tomorrow either. Stagecoach buses are saying 'As the weather is unlikely to improve as Wednesday moves on it is most unlikely that the situation regarding service levels will change.'


'Course, I still had to do some training from home, but that's a small price to pay for not having to go into work.

Ooo dear, it's getting heavier again...
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It's snowing again! And when I say snowing, I mean SNOWING, as in three inches in about two hours. And the forcast? Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow and more snow, for at least the next 24 hours, possible more.

Getting to work tomorrow is going to be fun.

Had a NWD today, and actually did something, rather than sit on the 'puter all day. Took the Christmas decs down, tidied the kitchen, went to Tescos, did some baking, tidied the kitchen AGAIN, did some more baking when the diswasher was clean, then had to do the kitchen again. Next time, I'll plan it better (and make sure I have more baking trays and mixing bowls). I made Lace Cookies, Rice Krispie Cakes and Macaroons. Rice Krispie Cakes and Macaroons went okay, but the lace cookies, which I was making for the first time, went a bit, well, wrong. First they spead more than I was expecting, resulting not in 10 decent sizes cookies, but two the suze of the baking tray. Also, upon tasting, they left a horrible bitter aftertase. My mum thinks I might have added too much Sodium Bicarbonate, but I did exactly as the recipe said, apart from I melted the butter in the microwave, rather than the hob. And, no, I didn't get teaspoons and tablespoons mixed up, thankyouverymuch!

So, 2/3 ain't too bad, if the two weren't something I've made so often I coud do in my sleep, and something a 5 year old can do. *sigh* I'll get hold of this baking from scratch lark on day.
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Bloody Hell. I've just got in from work. Work that finished at five. It's now gone eight. Today started off cold, with a small bit of hail. Than, around lunch time it began to rain. Then sleet. Then snow. And snow. And snow. Because I travel by public transport, my boss let me go an hour early. I get to the bus stop, and find oout that the buses arn't running due to the fact that they can't drive in the snowy-icy slush that it covering the roads. I turn around and go back to work.

Eventually, one of my colleges manages to get her car going and gives me a lift home. but still... The main road is packed. People are just abandoning their cars in the road. Saw a brand new BMW, just left there, in the middle of the road. My mum is stuck one said main road, at what is normally 20mins away from home. She's going to be lucky to get home tonight before eleven.

This is Southen England. We are not built for this weather! And I'm bloody freezing! If it is like this tomorrow, I'm not going to work, no way. Just walking down mu cul-de-sac was dangerous. Remember when I said I liked snow? Yeah, not so much now.
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So, not 8 inches of snow, more like two. Still did have my hospital appointment, though. Totally not my fault! The dentist guy was stuck in London. I'm gonna have this brace forever at this rate.

I keep thinking tomorrow's Sunday, and I don't have to go to work. Bah.

[EDIT: Why won't this supid entry work? This is about the 4th time I've edited it]
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It's snowing! Like, proper snow that's settling and everything and it's not stopping! We're supposed to get up to eight inches here. Eight inches! I've never seen that much snow here in England before! We might even get a white christmas. I've never had a white christmas before! That would be so cool!

Wait... *inner 5 year old deflates* I've got to go to Guildford tomorrow, for my teeth. By train. I've already missed one appointment already, I can't miss this one.

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I discovered two things today:

1) I act like a five year old when it's snows. Seriouly, I had this huge grin on my face the entire time it was snowing, and I wanted so much to run out and play in it. Pity I was at work at the time. Speaking of work...

2)I pretty much know all the lyrics to Bohiemen Rhapsody off by heart, without prompt. Given my terrible memory, that's pretty damn good. Yes, I was THAT bored today that I sat there and wrote them all out. No one wants to see a personal banker for anything good around this time of year and sitting right by the door, I was bloody freezing. Stupid heating not working propery. Stupid managers, stealing my little heater.

No reply from my Dad yet. I never actually thought he'd take me seriously when I said don't contact me again. No money yet, either.


Feb. 2nd, 2009 07:46 am
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Holy Hannah... Woke up to six inches of snow... and it's not stopping.

I've never seen that much snow at once. At least, not in England.

I am so glad that I have this week off work. Something tells me however, that I'm not going to Manchester later this week.


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