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Yeah, like I said earlier. I suck at keeping this updated.

Life is dull at the moment. Work is slow, I seem to have lost all communication with my friends (All my fault, 'm 'fraid) and, well, nothing's really going on.

I have been spending way too much money on books and comics, though. Since the last post, I've bought the next three Ultimate X-Men (14, 15 and 16); Vol. 2 and 3 of Astonishing X-Men; Decimation: X-Men - The Day After; Battle Royale; Stargate SG1: Hydra; The Tiger Warrior; Tolkien's The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun; The Ancients In Their Own Words and Alan Lee's The Lord Of the Rings Sketchbook, which I used my Waterstone's points on, so got six pounds off. Go me! I wonder how much it would have been if I got it on Amazon?

Huh. Only about a pound cheaper than what I got if for. And the other large hardback, The Ancients In Their Own Words, is twice the price I paid for it. Thank the gods for cheap bookshops.

Almost forgot, ordered Days of Future Present last night. Second hand, so I'm hoping that it'll be here tomorrow. Despite having a load of prose novels to read, I am really addicted to comic books, and feel bored if I don't have a new one to read. Given I go through them like wildfire, I'm spending way too much money on them. In the three months or so since this the 'addiction' started, I have bought over thirty trade paperbacks. I would buy the actual comics, since WHSmiths actually stock them, but they're about three years behind. Literally, I picked up the most recent issue to day to flick throught it, and it was the second part of Torn, realised back in 2006.

Saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine about two weeks ago. While it wasn;t a perfect film (Does such thing exist?) I did find it enjoyable. Then, my knowledge of comic canon isn't the brilliant, so I was able to watch is a movie, not an adaptation, as it were.

Watched all of one more episode of Primeval, but that one episode was enough to send me straight to Deniel. If you sollow the series, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Supernatural Finale tonight! Eeeeeeee!!!!


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