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Well, my managers dropped a bombshell on me today.

As of 21st of June, I'm being transfered to another branch. Permantly. Okay, technically this is a good thing. It's a slightly smaller branch, closer to home with reduced opening times and it doesn't open Saturdays (Although I will probably still have to work some at my old branch to cover my six-weekly hospital appointments. It also means that I am actually doing my job well, as they explained that they don't transfer out the 'probem' employees, but the ones they know can do their jobs. Also, I'm not the only one being transfered, it seems the whole area is being shaken up, and I think at least two others from my branch are being transfered (We're not allowed to talk about it yet, not until everyone knows).

My manager even said that I should look into 'furthering my career' and being thinking about applying for a promotion, which is apparently easier at a smaller branch.

On the other hand... I like the branch I'm in. I've been there for 21 months, I really like the team I work with and I like the location (It's in what could be classed as my local 'large' town centre, with decent shops and cafes, as well as all the local enertainment [which means the cinema, bowling alley and the pubs]). Not to mention it is a bit of a shock. I litterally had no idea this was going to happen. My line manager just said that they wanted to talk to me. My intional responce was: OhgodwhathaveIdonewrong? Not what I was expecting at all.

In other news, my father transfered some of the money he owes me,but has yet to respond to my (polite, if a bit cold) email about it, that I sent over a week ago. It would nnot surprise me if he is purposly not responding to give m a tase of my own medicine. Git.

I could do with the money as well. I've taken a loan of £1800 from my mum to pay for the ful black belt course at my MA class. Only started it a few weeks ago, and I'm back to being the newbie again, and I can tell you, it is a little bit scary. You trying sparing with guys taller and stronger than you, not to mention better trained, without your glasses when you are practically blind without them. Yeah, not fun. Still, I am actually getting hits in on them and scoring points, though I suspect they might be going a bit easy on me, given I'm still a white belt.

I also have a new fandom (yes, another one). Axis Powers Hetalia. I'm starting remeber why I love history so much, while at the same time reading some of the best crack!fic I've ever read. Am starting to wish I had found it earlier, however. 16th century politics seems much more interesting when viewed through Hetalia. Who knows, maybe I would have gotten a better grade in my A-Level. Or maybe I would have spent the lessons snickering to myself. The later is more likely, methinks. Also, I'm starting to get interested in the World Cup, which is really worrying as I HATE football..

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Can someone tell me what's going on? Last week I was still wearing my coat, gloves, scarf and extra jumper. Today... I was nearly fainting from the heat at work. I was behind the counter, a cramped area with poor ventilation, no windows and with the heating controlled centrally.

Looks like spring is here, at last.
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Oh gods... I think I'm dead.

Beginning of the month+Bank holiday weekend+End of the the tax year= the bloody busiest two weeks ever at work. Add in the fact I had my brace tightened yesterday, and just had one of the most grueling MA classes yet, and I just...

*collapses into a boneless heap*

I don't want to move for a week.
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Work was absolutely crap today. Due to certian colleges of mine misusing the computer on the front desk, the managers have taken the screen away, rendering the computer useless. This being the computer that I use to book appointments on. Appointments of which I have targets to hit, targets I now cannot reach. Oh, yes, me and the managers will be having words on Monday.

Then, due to complaints about the queue time in the morning, (For gods' sake, we're open until 1600. If you don't like the the queue first thing, come back where there are no queues! /rant) we opened a little bit early. Then was had two appointments turn up for colleges who weren't in today. Then we had a customer coming in 40 minutes late for an appointment, claiming it was 30 minutes after it was booked in for, then another coming in claiming their appointment was 25 minutes before the diary said. I then spent the rest of the afternoon bored out of my mind.

After work was better, though. Meal out with my mum, then I finally saw Alice in Wonderland, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Has, however, given birth to a new plot bunny, which I really didn't need. I'm already working on over twenty other stories, I really don't need another one.

And I will not call my heroine 'Alice' no matter how much I want to, nor how much it fits.

Oh, and NCIS Season 1 arrived today. Hello, new fandom!
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Today sucked.

It started off so well. I had gotten 7 appointments, including over £350k of savings. then, just after lunch, I developed a sore throat that was/is so bad I was nearly in tears trying to talk to customers. Then, when I balanced my till, I was £200 short., which had to be passed. It was raining when I had to walk to and from the station. As I was walking home, I thought the bus was going to be ages, so I decieded to continue walking, rather than waiting. Said bus passed me less than a minute later. I get home, and what do I do? Put my bloody iPod in the washing machine.

I give up. Something clearly has it in for me today.

This is ignoring the whole mess of my day off being mixed up, which led to having to resceduel my hospital appointment.
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you are lightcyan

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Your saturation level is very low - you have better things to do than jump headfirst into every little project. You make sure your actions are going to really accomplish something before you start because you hate wasting energy making everyone else think you're working.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the html color quiz

Got a lovely surprise this morning at work. I've been reassigned to cove at another branch for the next two weeks, in a town I've never even been to before, starting tomorrow. Oh, and 'cause I don't drive, I'm going to have to catch a train there and back and then walk a gods-awful long way from the station to the branch.

Gee, thanks managers! [/sarcasm]
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Okay, someone, please tell me where this week went? I have to go back to work tomorrow. I really, really, really don't wanna.

And my sleeping patten has reverted to holiday mood: i.e 0500-1200. I have to get up in six and half hours, and I'm not tired.

Shit... I'll give it another half hour or so, then give it a ago. I hate just lying in bed trying to get to sleep.
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WOOHOO! Guess who's got a week's holiday! Yep! No work for Saf for five glorious days!

So, day one of five days of freedom done! Achieved today:

  • Nice long lie in.
  • Caught up on Supernatural. Am now on par with the American showings. 14 Episodes in just over a day!
  • Ummm... that's it.

Am not sure what I want to do tomorrow. I have to go shopping, if only for shampoo, but what else? Go all the way into town and see a film as well? Or go to Tesco's and do some baking instead? Or get cheap, generic stuff from up the road and spend the day reading Bleach?

Decisions, decisions...

Frankly, this break is perfectly timed. There was a meeting at work today. (My manager told me about it advance since I wasn't in today). They (being the management) are serious thinking about bring the area's operations manager into branch to run an investigation. If they do, and she finds anything, then it could lead to dismissals. I knew it was bad, but this...? Shit. At least I know I should be safe. I know I haven’t done anything intentionally wrong, and I'm hardly behind the counter. At least, I was, until last week. For some unknown reason, my line manager pulled me off co-ordinating, and has put me on the till again, for the first extended period in a long time. No one seems to know why, and my line manager won't tell me. I personally think that someone, possibly the new transfer, has been complaining that I do it all the time (Well, duh, that is my assigned role in the branch), and my line manager is trying to appease everyone, 'cause she knows it's all going wrong. Funny thing is? Out of the three people who have been co-ordinating in my place, one isn't keen on doing it, and one of the other's is assistant counter manager, and shouldn't be doing it anyway. The two I know want to do haven't been given the chance.

Okay, onto more fun things: Supernatural Season 5. EEEEEE!!!! Seriously, I managed to stay unspoiled for almost the whole thing, which is pretty impressive given my record of TV spoilers. This show just keeps getting better and better. What's really interesting? I've just finished (re)reading Good Omens for the gazillioneth time and I was thinking how I wanted to see some more variation in the demons in Supernatural, so that they less Always Evil. And then I watched 'Abandon All Hope'. With a Noble Demon called
Crowley. I laughed out loud at that point. Now, all we need is an angel called Aziraphale to be mentioned. That would be awesome, if not completely fitting with the angels in the show.

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I just ordered the new laptop I've been promising myself for about a year. It's purple. *glee*

Yeah, not that technically minded. Of course it's the colour that counts, not what's inside it.

*Is too giddy to care about anything, including the past two crappy days at work, and the lack of snow days after the initial one*
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Still snowing! Up to something like 7-8 inches now. Roads undrivable, buses not running, normal life refusing to drive. This can mean only one thing.


Yep, I've had the day off work, and it looks like that I won't be able to get in tomorrow either. Stagecoach buses are saying 'As the weather is unlikely to improve as Wednesday moves on it is most unlikely that the situation regarding service levels will change.'


'Course, I still had to do some training from home, but that's a small price to pay for not having to go into work.

Ooo dear, it's getting heavier again...
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I discovered two things today:

1) I act like a five year old when it's snows. Seriouly, I had this huge grin on my face the entire time it was snowing, and I wanted so much to run out and play in it. Pity I was at work at the time. Speaking of work...

2)I pretty much know all the lyrics to Bohiemen Rhapsody off by heart, without prompt. Given my terrible memory, that's pretty damn good. Yes, I was THAT bored today that I sat there and wrote them all out. No one wants to see a personal banker for anything good around this time of year and sitting right by the door, I was bloody freezing. Stupid heating not working propery. Stupid managers, stealing my little heater.

No reply from my Dad yet. I never actually thought he'd take me seriously when I said don't contact me again. No money yet, either.
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I have had the Bleach theme song stuck in my head. All. Fraking. Day. Of course, it's in Japanese, so I can't really sing it, which is what I normally do when I have a song stuck in my head. Argh!

Yeah, I brought the Season 1 Boxset from HMV yesterday. Only £15. Bargin, I thought. I've watched 8 episodes already and am taking a great effort to avoid spoilers, instead of diving into fandom head first. I... will... resist...

Just checked wikipedia. There's 13 seasons... *sob* Bye bye incentive for the next 6 months.
But, the English dub has only been released up until Season 4. I'm not sure what's worse, spending all my money on a series at once, or having to wait for each release.

Work Christmas do last night, and Work Quiz night the night before. Yes, I do sometimes have a social life! We came forth, but in our defence, we did have the smallest team (5 compared to the other teams 7 or 8) AND we were the reigning champions. Boo...

One of the fun things about being the only one not to drink (I don't touch alchohol at all)? You get to see everyone acting rediculously drunk, and remember it all in the morning. No hangover, either. Oh, there are going to be some sore heads tomorrow. (Or later today. I need to start getting to sleep earlier)
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Fun night last night.

There I am, watching the new Star Trek on DVD before going to bed. I'd just gotten to the final battle, where the Enterprise has its Big Damn Gunship moment, when the phone rings.

Phone calls at 2330? Never a good thing.

My aunt and youngest cousin were involved in a car accident last night, where a minibus ran a red light and smashed into the driver's side of their car. My cousin was fine, apart from shock, but we were quite concerned about my aunt, as she had pain in her neck and spine, and had to have X-Rays and CT scans. So, me and my mum rushed over to the A&E, where we spent the next two and half hours waiting for news. If wasn't for the fact that both me and my mum had work today, we would have stayed even later. Luckly, it seems that my aunt wasn't badly injured and was discharged a few hours after we left. Still, not a plesent way to spend the night.

Work was, to be frank, shit today. Well, at least the morning was. the PBs were all fully booked, and it seemed that all complaints decieded to come in a once, as well as an appointment that was believed to be cancelled, and another one had taken it's place. Thank god we has someone over from another branch doing training and who was willing to help out. Of course, being tired and irratible didn;t help, and the fact that my lunch kept being pushed back didn't help. First it was eleven, my normal tine, then it was 1130, then it was 1230, but of course by this time we were running late, and I didn't go until 1240. This might not seem like late, but when it's 1 hour 40 mins after you've been going for most of the past year, you tend to get a bit hungry. Also remembered why I havn't had melted chedder since having my brace fitted. Yeah, it got stuck everywhere.

Got home, to discover, that the entire family had congrigated and my aunt's for take out, barring me because I lost my phone charger and didn't get the message. Still had take out, though. Left enough for tomorrow was well.

Then got a phone call from my dad, more to confirm that I would be free tomorrow night for a long phone call. The one thing he did tell me? Jester, his dog, one of the few dogs I've ever felt truly comfortable with? Died in a car accient.

Someone up there clearly hates me.

I'm just gonna read some (more) Avatar fic before going to bed. Finally finished ther series on Sunday. Now I feel no guilt in reading spoiler fanfic. (Which I've been doing sine I was at aroung mid-season 1, so yeah...)

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So, I'm an idiot.

At work, we have this thing where if you work Saturday, you get a day off during the week, called a Non Work Day, or NWD. We usually alternate one week on one week off. Now, I knew that this week I was working Saturday, but stupidly forgot to check the work list for when my NWD was. I though, I'll check when I get in today, it's never on Mondays. So I get up early, I got to work and on the of chance, while waiting for the safe to open, I check the list. You can guess what it said.

Yep, today was my NWD. So, feeling an idiot, I turn around and go back home.

At least I went in on a day I had off, rather than not go in on a day I'm ment to. The thing is, the best thing about NWD, apart from having the house to myself all day? The lie-in. Bah!

Spent the day watching Avatar: The Last Airbender instead. I watched 15 episodes today. That's almost 6 hours! Only 14 left! Seriously, I can't remember when I fell for a fandom so fast. However, I was kinda predisposed to liking it. Especially Zuko. Angsty, good looking guy with pyrokinetic abilities?

What, I have a type, okay?

But it also has action, adventure, kick-arse fight scenes, cool mythos, a snarky bad-ass normal (Sokka and Zuko are tied for being my favorite, followed closly by Toph, Azula and pretty much the rest of the whole damn cast), strong sibling relations, messed up sibling relations, Action girls, Hoyay,Foeyay, Lesyay, seriously, the list just keeps going on.

Man, why can't all kids cartoons be like this? Might be willing to pay extra for the kids channels on Sky.
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So, my Dad finally made contact with me. Only a week later that he was supposed to.

Okay, okay, so he had some stuff going on (Grandad in hospital and some rather messy legal business at work) but still! A week to call me! He didn't even have the guts to call me first. He called Mum yesterday and didn't even ask to speak to me. Way to go, Dad! And he's going back to Oz tomorrow. He's back in three weeks, but that doesn't negate the fact I've seen for less that an hour this time.

Okay, I'm chilled, I'm cool.

Work has been so slow this week. With all the good weather, no one's been cming in to the bank. Doesn't help I'm on the midget till as well. Small, cramped, hard to see the queue and I have to take Business and Premier customers as priority. That means I get the snooty ones and the ones that'll give me no leads. I onnly managed three future and one sweep last week. Since I'm ment to do ten a week minimum, that's not good. Still, that sweep got over 7000 points of value, so they can't really complain (a single seller's target per week in 6000) plus I got loads of appoinments in the past couple of weeks (combinding me co-ordinating plus ISA season equals lots of appointments).

Comics arrived earlier this week. Read all of them barring AoA in about two days (working my way through is now). Liked House of M and Astonishing X-Men (will definatly be getting vol. 2 next time), LOVED Marvel 1602, but I already thought I would before I bought it. Combind Neil Gaimen with 17th century versions of 60's Marvel heroes? Sounds about as near damn perfect for me as it gets.

Am still way behind on Primeval. Got three episodes to watch now. On the plus side, am now up to date with Supernatural. Can't wait until next weeks episode!

Also, X-Men Origins: Wolverine out this week. I've got Thursday off, so I'm gonna go and see it then. By myself, unfortuatly. but with Dad in Oz, I've got no one to go see my geeky films with. On that note, I didn't even know they were making a film of Angels and Demons 'till I saw an ad for it. Trying to convince my Mum to see it with me. I'm not all that keen on going to the cinema on my own.

Back to fanfic now. I only have about half an hour before I need to go to sleep. (Yes, I sleep late. I'm still a teenager, even if for only a year and a bit, I'm allowed)


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